To the In-Laws’ House We Go

Are you dreading that trip over the river and through the woods to your in-laws’ house this season?  Does it feel like going to visit the family brings more stress than joy to your holidays?  Dealing with in-laws can be complicated any time of the year, and feeling trapped under their roof during the already high-tension holidays can take things to a whole new level.

Thankfully, Dr. Susan Orenstein is here to share things you can do both for yourself and for your family to keep tensions down and help everyone have a peaceful, joyful holiday together.  Susan is a licensed psychologist with advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy and couples counseling.  She has her own practice, Orenstein Solutions, with offices in both Cary and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and also holds regular couples workshops.

You can find her online at, or call her office at (919) 428-2766 to find out more or set up an appointment.

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