Is your busy work schedule, kids, or financial issues making it hard for you and your partner to feel connected? Is trying to keep up with everything and everyone just weakening your marriage? Stephanie Ladd joins us to discuss how couples can re-ignite their marriage and overcome the lull of long term relationships.

Stephanie Ladd has been practicing Marriage and Family Therapy for 17 years. Before moving to the Chapel Hill/Carboro area she practiced  in California. For several years Ladd has run communication skill groups and parenting classes. You can find out more about Stephanie by visiting or by calling (919) 883-9093.

When you have a child, everything changes. But does that mean your marriage can’t be what it was before? Does it feel like you and your spouse are both connected to the kids, but not to each other?¬† Rhona Berens, Ph.D., joins the show to talk about how things change in a marriage after the birth of a child, and what you can do to make sure that you stay connected to each other.

Rhona is a relationship coach and the founder of Parent Alliance, which provides advice and resources to new parents who want to strengthen their relationship with each other. She keeps a blog on parenting issues at, and also offers workshops on getting the most out of your relationship now that you’re parents.

Do you and your spouse work in the same field or business – maybe even in the same office? Do you feel like you can never really get away from work even when you’re at home, or are clashes at home bleeding into your work?¬† Dr. Julia Jacobs joins us on the show to discuss the things couples experience when working together, and how you and your spouse can minimize your personal conflict both in and out of the workplace.

Julia has a Doctorate and Masters in Clinical Psychology, and practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, North Carolina. She’s experienced in individual, couples, and group therapy for people of all ages. You can find out more about her online at, or call her office at 919-572-0000 to set up an appointment.