It’s Complicated: Facebook and Your Marriage

Lately, Facebook has been all over the news and on many people’s minds. But does it feel like this tool for social connection is actually driving you and your partner apart, or are you worried about its potential to do so? K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky join the show to discuss how Facebook and other social networking sites can affect your marriage, and how you can use it as a positive tool for communication.

Jason has been writing on marriage and leading training programs in marriage issues for over a decade. He and Kelli have been married for over fifteen years, and together, they’ve been writing articles on marriage since early 2009. Having faced many of the questions about Facebook and marriage firsthand, they’ve been featured on various shows and publications as  “The Social Media Couple,” and have published a book together on the subject called Facebook and Your Marriage.

You can find them online at, and their book is available on their website or through Amazon and other booksellers.

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