Working With Your Spouse

Working with your spouse can definitely be stressful, but it can be rewarding, too.Play episode Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunesSponsored by Rosen Law Firm

Do you and your spouse work in the same field or business – maybe even in the same office? Do you feel like you can never really get away from work even when you’re at home, or are clashes at home bleeding into your work?  Dr. Julia Jacobs joins us on the show to discuss the things couples experience when working together, and how you and your spouse can minimize your personal conflict both in and out of the workplace.

Julia has a Doctorate and Masters in Clinical Psychology, and practices with Lepage Associates in Durham, North Carolina. She’s experienced in individual, couples, and group therapy for people of all ages. You can find out more about her online at, or call her office at 919-572-0000 to set up an appointment.

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Christina August 7, 2011 at 12:41 pm

We have issues that are different. We work and live in a hotel. My job is in the office (front desk management/Customer relations management) and his is on-call front desk/maintenance after hours until 7am. He has to bring the “work” into our room with calls coming in for customer needs all night and late check-ins/reservations. It’s taking a toll on us. What do you do there? We work 55-60 + hours each and have only one day off a week (not same day).

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