An Appetite for Love

Are your intimacy issues to blame for those extra pounds that you’ve put on? We’ve heard of couples who begin to pack on the pounds when they are in a committed relationship and feel comfortable with each other, but there may be an underlying reason to this new weight gain. Our guest today will let us in on how the ups and downs of our relationships can effect our eating habits, as well as how to prevent those unnecessary binges.

Karen Koenig is an expert on the psychology of eating. For over 30 years Karen has been working to help troubled eaters, who have been stuck in a cycle of dieting and bingeing, to break free and access a healthier lifestyle that will keep them at a healthy weight for life. Karen has a double Master’s in Education and Social Work. Karen is the international  author of four books that focus on eating and weight, including Nice Girls Finish Fat, The Rules of “Normal” Eating, The food and Feelings Workbook, as well as What Every Therapist Needs to Know about Treating Eating and Weight Issues. Karen’s free Facebook app, called APPetite, will be available this online this month. Karen also moderates a Yahoo Food and Feelings board, as well as a weekly blog for Gurze books.

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