To Have Children or Not?

Are you ready to have children, but your spouse is not on board? Having children is a very important part of any relationship. This large commitment is exhilarating for some and terrifying for others. Some people get so used to living only for themselves that the idea of children seems impossible. The real problem arises when one spouse is ready to make this life change, while their partner is not. What can be done when a couple is stuck at this impasse? Our guest today has the answer to this question.

Dr. Gina LaFrazza is a psychologist at Lepage Associates in Durham, NC where she provides counseling and evaluation services to individuals of all ages. Couples work with Dr. LaFrazza for a variety of concerns, such as transitioning to parenthood, infertility, managing boundaries with extended family, jealousy and trust, as well as increasing sexual and emotional intimacy. Dr. LaFrazza holds a Doctorate and Master’s in Clinical Psychology, as well as a second Master’s in Educational Psychology. To find out more about Dr. Gina LaFrazza you can visit the Lepage Associates website or call 919-572-0000 for an appointment.

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