Fighting in Front of Children

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Do your marital fights psychologically damage your children? It is impossible not to fight with your spouse at some point in your marriage. It’s life. But have you ever stopped to consider what the effects are for the people who have the infortune to overhear the bickering, such as your children? Our guest, Bethlyn Johnson, says the effects of fighting can forever change your children’s personal well-being and social interactions.

Bethlyn Johnson is a counselor at Believe in Therapy of Raleigh, NC. New to North Carolina, Bethlyn recently moved from Illinois, where she received her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology, as well as a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Bethlyn has worked with individuals and couples of all sorts using her approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as mindfulness and biofeedback. To find out more about Bethlyn Johnson you can visit the Believe in Therapy website or call 919-755-0545 for an appointment.

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