The Secret to a Happy Life

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Have you ever wondered if there was some secret to a happy life and blissful relationship? We have the answers you’ve been looking for. We spend a large portion of our lives dating and trying to find the person that matches us perfect; someone who we’d be willing to share the rest of our live with. We put so much effort into getting this process right because it is such an important part of our life and our future. Dr. Tami Kulbatski believes that a strong relationship with a significant other is the single most noteworthy contributor to our happiness and life satisfaction. Her insight and tips will help increase the level of positivity in any relationship.

Dr. Kulbatski holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Dr. Tami Kulbatski runs a successful private practice in Toronto, Canada and she is the founder and director of the Toronto Centre for Positive Psychology. In her private practice, Dr. Kulbatski provides psychotherapeutic treatment for a diverse range of clients, including couples, individuals and adolescents.  Through her Centre, Dr. Tami provides evidence-based courses, lectures, seminars, and workshops to enhance people’s movement towards a greater well-being and happier, more fulfilled life. Dr. Kulbatski recently published a book called “Ten Commandments for Couples, which is available on Amazon. In her interview, Dr. Kulbatski reveals how to get a free sample of one of her 10 Commandment contributions from her book.

To find out more about Dr. Tami Kulbatski you can visit her website. For more information about the Toronto Centre for Positive Psychology please visit them online or call 416-708-7022 for an appointment. To get daily tips on increasing the level of happiness in your relationship you can “Like” the Toronto Centre for Positive Psychology on Facebook.

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