Managing Mid-Life Together

Does your spouse’s mid-life crisis mean the end of your marriage? A motorcycle, a bright red convertible, or maybe a new young girlfriend; all of these just scream mid-life crisis. We seem to be able to recognize the obvious signs of a mid-life crisis but how do we handle a situation like this? In a marriage, a mid-life crisis is never a stage that affects only one person.

Dr. Dave Aspenson holds a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from UNC Chapel Hill. His natural gift for guiding others led to a position as a Clinical Assistant  Professor of Behavioral Sciences at UNC Chapel Hill. After practicing and training in a variety of counseling, medical, and psychiatric settings, Dave opened his own office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1999 and is now available for private consultation and counseling. To find out more about Dr. Dave Aspenson you can visit his website or call 919-402-9212 for an appointment. To get more information on how to survive a mid-life crisis you can visit Dave’s Mid-Life Crisis website.

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