OMG! I Sound Just Like My Mother!

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Can a parent’s advice save your marriage? We’ve feared this day! We thought our chances of escaping this doomed fate were better than average. BUT…it’s finally happened. We’ve finally realized that we have turned into our parents! Leslie Petruk, author of the website OMG! I Sound Just Like My Mother, joins us this week to give us insight on how a parent’s habits or advice can hinder your marriage.

Leslie is a licensed counselor who has been in practice for 15 years. She has specialized training in both marriage and family therapy. She is currently the founder and owner of SteppingStones Counseling & Consulting, a private practice counseling center in Charlotte, NC. With a team of 5 therapists, Leslie and her practice work to provide collaborative counseling services for children, teens, adults, couples and families. SteppingStones is even hosting a women’s self-discovery group on May 3rd. To find out more about Leslie Petruk and Stepping Stones Counseling & Consulting you can visit their website or call 704-335-6100 for an appointment. For more insight on how your parents habits can have an effect on your relationship, visit OMG! I Sound Just Like My Mother!

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