A Crash Course in Marriage

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Is your marriage getting the help and attention it needs to defeat the divorce odds? It seems that divorce is the new “big thing”. With the divorce rate hovering around 50% there have been entire industries and communities built to help the people going through this transition. This year there is even a divorce expo in New York City. What about the expos promoting marriage and making your relationship work, even through the difficult times?

Dr. Don Azevedo left graduate school with a strong desire to strengthen marriages and families. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tennessee. Don’s work has taken him to a variety of locations from warzones in Desert Storm, corporate settings, hospitals and finally private practice. Don is the Director of 3-C Family Services in Cary, North Carolina where he provides help to individuals, couples and families. To find out more about Dr. Don Azevedo and 3-C Family Services you can visit their website or call 919-677-0101 for an appointment.

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