The Pitfalls of Protective Parenting

Is your overprotective parenting hurting your child and damaging your marriage? Before we had government agencies in place to advise us on what was good or dangerous for us, we only had one way of finding out this information…through first hand experience. Bumps, scrapes and broken hearts were all part of the novelty that is childhood. However, like anything else, with enough information this has gone away. It seems like parents today want to protect their children from the ails of the world and prevent them from experiencing any of it. This “over parenting” could be harming your child more than helping them. Does your marriage have what it takes to overcome this?

Edie Raether, a self-proclaimed “Change Strategist” is an international keynote speaker, relationship and parenting coach, as well as a bestselling author of several books, including Sex for the Soul and Stop Bullying Now. Focusing on a child’s role in a family unit became a passion of Edie’s. So much so that she developed a character building program from children called “I Believe I can Fly!” As a behavioral psychology expert, Edie has been a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and marriage and family counselor for 30 years and has addressed all relationship, behavioral, health and healing issues. To find out more about Edie Raether you can visit their website or call 704-658-8997 for an appointment. For information about child entitlement and bullying, visit her Stop Bullying Now website.

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