Hellacious Holidays: How to Deal With Your In-Laws

What’s the key to managing the holidays with your in-laws?

If the financial stress surrounding the holidays isn’t enough, there can always be a little more to count on with the arrival of extended family and in-laws, or the anticipation of making the yearly trek to the airport. Of course not everyone experiences tension with family members, but for those who do, when the issues come to a head during the holiday season there can be added stress with unwanted consequences.

For some people, the holidays can be a time when they become more acutely aware of the problems in their family either because they are spending more time together, or because previous holidays have been difficult and it opens old wounds. Whatever the situation or cause of the tension might be, the pressure can sometimes be too much to handle. The beauty in all of it, however, is that change and healing is possible. The holiday season and the arrival of in-laws truly don’t have to be so demanding and worrying.

Our guest today, Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones of KKJ Forensic and Psychological Services in Durham, NC, is here to offer advice to couples and families on how to deal with holiday stress.

To find out more about Katrina and her practice, visit her website or call (919) 493-1975 to make an appointment.

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