Despite the fact that they’re family… What do you do when you just can’t stand to be around your in-laws?

Although you love your spouse, you might not always love his or her parents or siblings. So how do you make peace with them when there has always been tension? How do you reach a compromise that everyone in the family is okay with? Naturally, the goal is to develop a comfortable role for yourself with realistic expectations for what your in-laws can offer to you and what you can offer to them. It’s not always that simple though. And sometimes it can be even more difficult because it’s family.

When there’s a lack of support from the in-laws, it can put a lot of stress on a marriage and both partners individually. Sometimes couples don’t really know how to set healthy boundaries and limits, and they ultimately get caught up in never-ending family drama and turmoil.

Today’s guest is Dr. Susan Orenstein, the director of Orenstein Solutions in Cary, NC. Susan has worked with many couples who have faced these very issues, and she’s here to discuss a way to fix the problems. According to her, it is possible for couples to get to a place where they feel comfort and happiness with their in-laws… even after many years of struggle.

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What’s the key to managing the holidays with your in-laws?

If the financial stress surrounding the holidays isn’t enough, there can always be a little more to count on with the arrival of extended family and in-laws, or the anticipation of making the yearly trek to the airport. Of course not everyone experiences tension with family members, but for those who do, when the issues come to a head during the holiday season there can be added stress with unwanted consequences.

For some people, the holidays can be a time when they become more acutely aware of the problems in their family either because they are spending more time together, or because previous holidays have been difficult and it opens old wounds. Whatever the situation or cause of the tension might be, the pressure can sometimes be too much to handle. The beauty in all of it, however, is that change and healing is possible. The holiday season and the arrival of in-laws truly don’t have to be so demanding and worrying.

Our guest today, Dr. Katrina Kuzyszyn-Jones of KKJ Forensic and Psychological Services in Durham, NC, is here to offer advice to couples and families on how to deal with holiday stress.

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