Real Life Hollywood Romance

Movies are made for our entertainment, but are they the key to a real life Hollywood romance?

Authors like Jane Austen were setting unrealistic expectations of romance and breaking hearts all over the globe as early as the 18th century. Should it come as a surprise that present day romantic comedies are continuing the standard? Movies offer an escape from the daily routine and drama of life and feed our imagination with whimsical images and romantic tales. The glamorous illusion that Hollywood creates can be shattered all too quickly when we check back in to reality. Life isn’t always like it is in the movies, but wouldn’t it be great if it could be? Whether it’s a Say Anything boom box by your window or a surprise visit at work a la An Officer and a Gentleman; movies not only hold a high standard for romance and romantic gestures, it can serve itself up as an instruction guide to navigating love in the real world.

Professor of Family Medicine at UNC School of Medicine, as well as Director of Behavioral Medicine at Carolina Medical Center; Dr. Matthew Alexander is a psychologist and Founder of Alexander Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Alexander specializes in clinical, health and family psychology giving him a strong background in family systems, psychodynamic and interpersonal approaches to mental health. Dr. Alexander has been published in multiple journals and is the lead editor and author of Cinemeducation detailing use of cinema as a teaching tool. Dr. Alexander primarily treats couples in his private practice and is also available for public presentations on a variety of topics related to relationships. To find out more about Dr. Matthew Alexander and his practice, Alexander Therapy, or call (704) 371-3070 for an appointment.

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