Are you not having the love life of your dreams?

With the rise of movies and television series over the last couple of decades, we have almost lost a sense of reality. We have genres such as comedy, romance and drama. Each of these almost always have a love story intertwined within the plot. These movies and televisions depicting different kinds of love stories may alter what we think is an ideal relationship in real life. We find ourselves striving for relationships that we see on television and in the movie theater. They give us a false sense of what a successful love life looks like. When we don’t achieve this cinematic love life we feel as if the relationship is doomed and unsuccessful. So, what do we do when we do not have the love life of our dreams?

As an Author, Speaker and Publisher, Fiona Fine is growing a movement for women to live and love on their terms. She is the founder of the company Goddess Connection with the dating advice site and the e-magazine Women Who Run It: Your Life-Your Love-Your Terms! Her newest publication is her book Babe In Total Control of Herself- Stop Chasing Men and Start Choosing LOVE. Fiona is a dating and relationship expert in her early 50’s. She’s had a consulting/coaching practice for 15+ years and coaches women ​a​nd men who want to create their best life of love, work, health, passion and fun!

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Do you and your spouse have the same desires?

Sometimes in life it is hard for us to understand or even acknowledge our needs and wants. Whether it be regarding our everyday needs, emotional needs, or health needs. When these needs are not met our lives may not feel as fulfilled as we want or need them to be. When it comes to relationships we have emotional needs as well as sexual needs. But, what if these needs are not met, do we become unfulfilled in our relationship? Are there ways that we can share our needs and find a way to meet them so that both partners are happy in their relationship? What if our needs differ? Is there a way we can compromise or fulfill each of the differing needs of each partner?

Earning her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina, Glenise Parrott, who goes by Lenny, practices at Cameron Valley Psychotherapy & Counseling which is a private practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lenny is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with couples. She also has a certificate in sex therapy from the University of Michigan.

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Does your relationship have what it takes to be with one another 24/7?

Whether that thought thrills you to the max or chills you to the bone, we all know relationships are difficult and require a significant amount of work from both partners to maintain a working relationship when married. With hectic schedules, careers, and responsibilities to your children there may not be enough time in the day to focus solely on your relationship. When this happens the relationship is no longer the first priority in your life. What can you do to keep your relationship strong and healthy?

Mr. Warren Talbot and his wife, Mrs. Betsy Talbot, have written three books that are focused on helping people define and go after the life they crave. They also have a website, a podcast, and a weekly newsletter, which all reveal the steps they took and the ongoing insights they acquire so you can go from lovers to full partners, too. Mr. and Mrs. Talbot live an unconventional life of traveling the world full time. They spend 24 hours a day together living, working, and traveling.

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