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Carolina Care and Counseling/ D. Robert Aiello, Ph.D.
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8520 Six Forks Road; STE 204; Raleigh, NC
We do not file insurance on behalf of our clients
Carolina Care and Counseling is one of the few practices that specializes in psychological, child mental health, forensic, and educational evaluations. Additionally, we offer on-going therapy and coaching for individuals, couples, families, and groups. A new service being offered is a six-week course on Co-parenting. Psychological Evaluations… Child Mental Health, Child Forensic, Psychological, Educational. Counseling Services for... Anxiety /Depression, Grief and Loss, Parenting / Family Concerns, Play Therapy, School and Academic Issues, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Psychological Evaluations (for all age groups), Separation and Divorce, Blended Families, Adoption Support Services ; Coaching Services for… Life Coaching, Clarifying Life Purpose, Educational Mentoring, Wellness Programs, Relationship Enhancement, Premarital Couples Coaching , Seminars and Courses... Co-Parenting
Carolina Care and Counseling emphasizes quality care for children and families. We believe that no matter how challenging a situation becomes, there is always hope. We take a realistic look at each situation while identifying individual strengths that will lead to a positive and healthy resolution. We emphasize personal empowerment and a solution-focused approach to treatment. Compassionate and caring professional services can make an enormous difference when you or your family are facing difficult circumstances. Many families experience transitions and changes. During those times, it is common to overlook the value of obtaining support. Our mission is to be a bridge of hope to those in need. Our commitment to you is to bridge possibilities in order to create success .
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